Charge Tesla from Solar

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Introducing “ChargeTesla” – the app that saves you money by harnessing the energy of the sun to fuel your eco-friendly ride. 📲🌱

Get ready to charge your Tesla with pure solar power and say goodbye to the grid! ☀️🔌

To use this app you need to have the following hardware installed:

  1. Solar panels + inverter on-grid (any brand) ☀️🔋
  2. A Tesla car 🚘
  3. The following smartmeter, determined by what kind of electricity system you use to charge your Tesla:
    a) 1 phase electricity: Shelly EM + 1 CT clamp 🔌
    b) split-phase electricity (only used in North America): Shelly EM + 2 CT clamps 🔌
    c) 3 phase electricity: Shelly 3EM or Shelly Pro 3EM 🔌
    You can buy the smartmeter either from the Shelly website, Amazon, or a different store.

❌ Do not install this app if you don’t have all of the hardware listed above as it will not work without it! ❌

A stable internet connection is required for the smart meter (Wi-Fi) and Tesla car (Wi-Fi or cellular) 📶

Here’s the sunny scoop: 🍦

With “ChargeTesla”, you’ll be able to:

Don’t wait – join the solar-powered revolution today! 🌅 Download “ChargeTesla” and start fueling your Tesla with the clean, green energy it deserves. Your Tesla will be beaming with pride, and so will you! 🌟😄

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